What Causes Childhood Obesity – Discover The Facts


There are various factors that cause childhood obesity. But excess weight of children mainly is caused by overeating and unhealthy diet. Children need enough calories for the growth and development in proportion to their growing period.

For a proper diet for your child, it is important to find out your child’s needs. You need to know if your child is growing fast or slow, then it is necessary to add few more grams of protein. You may also want to add some carbohydrates for the child who is growing slowly. This helps the child with his/her nutritional requirements.

You can make your child happy by giving him/her food that he/she likes to eat. Giving your child healthy food is a must. Try to buy healthy foods from your grocery. Your child will grow up healthy and you will not have to worry about the bad effects of childhood obesity. You can give the children’s healthy food to help them grow healthy and strong.

You can teach your child about the importance of healthy diet and nutrition by using positive reinforcement technique. You can praise your child when he/she eats a healthy meal and he/she grows good and strong. Parents are encouraged to provide a healthy diet to their children so as to help them to grow well.

In addition, parents need to monitor the children’s diet. A child can be overweight when he/she eats too much of the sweet, fried and greasy foods.

Therefore, you should start to reduce the food intake of the overweight children. If your child is a healthy eater, then he/she will grow in good shape. If your child does not like the food, then you can buy healthy foods from the supermarket. The extra food can be donated to other needy families.

If your child does not like to eat, then you need to give him/her a snack after each meal. This helps your child to have the required energy. Snacks like fruits and vegetables can be added to the lunch box. They will give your child the nutrients. And also healthy diet for children needs more calories than those provided by junk foods.

You can also encourage your child to eat snacks such as snacks while he/she is sitting at the dinner table. You can put some fruit in a small bowl or in a plate and ask your child to eat it while it is still warm. This helps your child to take the snack before the meal.

You can also add healthy snacks to the breakfast cereals. These healthy food can include fruits and vegetables and cereals.