8 Things to Look for in an Indoor Cycling App


The most happening thing in the fitness field is the rise of the indoor cycling app.  The field has already seen the launch of many apps and new apps are being developed as we speak. If you are a person who loves to cycle inside the facility, then you have to read on. We make it easy for you to choose the best one for you. Look out for the following 8 points in every app. Of course, there is no hierarchy between these points. However, check if you need all these 8 features and find the best for you. The importance of these factors is not the same for everyone. 

1 – Availability of Platforms

When you start your indoor cycling journey, you should not be wanting to buy a new device just for it. Whether you have an iOS device or an Android or Windows for that matter, the app should support it. Otherwise it will increase the entry barriers for you.

2 – Ease of use

The app should be easy to use as otherwise you will spend more time and energy on configuring the app rather than running or cycling. A simple plug and play concept of facility will help you to concentrate on your fitness. Vingo is one such app that easily connects with modern cycles and treadmills through usage of sensors. 

3 – Richness of User Interface & User Experience

The app should have a good UI / UX. Otherwise, you will soon lose interest in online cycling. So, find an app that has good visuals that motivates you to workout.

4 – Multi-User Support

Any app that makes you pay for everyone in the family is swindling you off your money. You should stay away from such apps. With Vingo, you can create up to 8 user profiles for your friends and family.

5 – Social Media Connectivity 

You should be able to connect your social media accounts and share the progress that you make easily. This way, you get the much needed appreciation easily and create your dream body with the app.

6 – Backward Compatibility of Equipment & Devices

When it comes to compatibility of devices, the app should have backward compatibility. Otherwise you will be required to buy a new device every time the industry trend changes.

7 – Affordable Pricing & Free Tier Trial

Finally, the most important aspect of any app should be the affordability. Even if an app has everything other than an important factor then it is not recommended to get this app. You shouldn’t be spending hundreds of dollars just to get the app. Similarly, the app should also support other sports like running. Vingo is also an app for running.  You can connect your treadmill just as you can connect your cycle to the device.

That is why, people who want to get the urgent care for their body, choose Vingo over other apps. It has everything that you can ask for from a fitness app. So, what are you waiting for? 

Choose the best app for your needs today and start chiselling your dream body today.

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