What to Expect From a Yoga Class for Beginners


A yoga class for beginners is designed for students who want to practice yoga but don’t have the experience to do advanced postures. The class begins with slow, methodical poses that allow beginners to warm up before moving on to more intense movements. Some instructors will also lead a short meditation before the physical poses are performed. The class will gradually increase in intensity and will end with a seated or lying pose called savasana.

During a yoga class for beginners, it’s important to keep in mind that students will have different proportions and abilities. The instructor should be sensitive to this and use terminology that will help students understand what they’re doing. This is one way to ensure everyone gets the best out of the class. A teacher can also teach modifications in a yoga class for beginners so they don’t get stuck doing a pose that is too difficult for them.

Before the first yoga class, beginners should check-in at the reception desk. They may need to fill out paperwork. A teacher can be too advanced for a beginner. But if the instructor keeps on returning to the basics, it’s easier for beginners to learn. This way, they don’t feel overwhelmed or unqualified by unfamiliar terminology.

An important component of yoga is learning how to control your breath. This is called pranayama and is vital to the practice. Prana is the energy of life, so the purpose of pranayama is to control it. One form of pranayama commonly practiced in Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga classes is called ujjayi pranayama. It works by contracting the epiglottis, which creates an ocean-like sound that is used to anchor the mind and body during the practice.

A beginner yoga class should focus on exploring postures with the breath. When guiding a beginner yoga class, try to give them the cue to imagine their heart being pulled up or forward. Generally, they respond well to this, so imagine their heart being pulled toward the front of the room, or up towards the ceiling. Beginners should also incorporate twists, which help decompress the spine and release muscles.

When you’re taking a yoga class for beginners, you should also understand your physical limitations and make sure you don’t overextend yourself. Some of the easiest poses to start with include the tree pose, table top cat/cow pose, and the Plank. Other poses to consider include the child’s pose, downward facing dog, the bridge, and the triangle.

Before joining a yoga class, you should make sure you have a yoga mat, a water bottle, and a towel. Yoga classes are challenging, but instructors at BeU Yoga are kind and will give you time to feel each pose without pushing you too hard. Beginners can also bring a friend to the class to help them get the most out of it. They can also work around injuries and modify poses as needed.

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