Nail Care And Manicure: A Natural Choice


Manicure and nail care are both a woman’s natural choice to maintain their nails looking healthy and strong, even in the harsh winter months. The time of the year when most women turn to manicurist-a kind of beauty salon for their hands- for manicure to enhance the soft, brittle nails, is the time of the year when they turn to nail polish for extra strength.

Nail care and nail polish is a service that is offered by many salons, particularly in an effort to complement nail treatment. But, there is no reason why the two cannot be done separately. Nail Care is not just about using an old, dull brush to remove the build up on the nail beds. It also involves regular manicures and treatments for fungal infections, and nail fungus.

Nail Care is not only about cleaning your fingernails but also about keeping your fingernails clean. In fact, this is what a manicurist does. This is where manicuring comes into play. The manicuring of the nails should be done at least once every six weeks. This would ensure that all the debris from the previous manicure has been removed, and that the nail bed is healthy and free from bacteria. There should also be proper exfoliation of the nail bed to remove the dead skin and dead cells that can clog the pores and make the nails look unhealthy. When it comes to exfoliation, some salons would do a more thorough scrubbing, and others would simply dry the nail dry.

Nail polish is a solution to prevent fingerprints, smudges, and finger prints from ruining the look of your nails. However, nail polish is not necessary and may actually do more harm than good. Excessive use of nail polish can cause thinning and discoloration of the nails and is therefore not advisable. This can also lead to permanent scarring of the nail. Although nail polish comes in different varieties and colors, it is usually recommended to have at least three different shades in order to give the nails a good match.

Nail fungus, on the other hand, is the result of poor hygiene that is caused by not using the right nail polish. This results in nails being discolored, yellow, brown, black, white, or blue. and can sometimes even lead to infection. abscesses or nail breakouts.

Nail fungus can also be avoided through regular manicures and other nail spa treatment. In fact, by avoiding using nail polish can actually prevent nail fungus. There is a possibility that nail fungus may even be passed down through the generations if the nail polish is not removed regularly.