Are You At Risk for Disease?


Health is a condition of mental, physical and emotional well-being where infirmity and disease are absent. It has been stated that “health is wealth”, and it is therefore essential to strive for achieving good health for one’s self and family. This goal can be achieved by proper diet, regular exercise, and rest. A good health condition helps to keep one active, healthy and relieved from stress. The four aspects of health are:

A healthy lifestyle involves a person’s physical and mental well-being, which includes a well-balanced diet, moderate level of alcohol consumption, and a daily exercise regimen. These aspects of healthful lifestyle are crucial to maintain a well-balanced life and help to keep the body functioning well. This results in improved health and prevent diseases and infirmities from occurring.

According to Merriam Webster, “Exurance” means “a great deal of or great amount.” In other words, “healthy” is synonymous with “not lacking in great amount of health.” It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder and “healthy” is synonymous with “not sick.” It is said that a person who is healthy is able to live through anything and experience everything, while a person who is infirm or afflicted with a disability cannot endure or do things well. Thus, the words “expectancy” and “health” are also used interchangeably, which define health as a high degree of assurance.

Many people in developed countries have low expectancy, probably because of their unhealthy diet and inactive lifestyle. In developed countries, obesity is widespread and the incidence of chronic illness such as cancer is also very high. Some experts attribute this pattern to the lack of a healthy diet and active lifestyle. It is difficult for people in developed countries to get enough carbohydrates and calories to maintain an ideal weight and to avoid developing chronic illness. Thus, even if a person has a good overall health, he may remain obese because of poor dietary intake and activity level.

Research shows that people living in poverty are at greater risk of developing a number of serious illnesses and diseases, including cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, stroke, cancer, andean polymyalgia rheumatica. Poor well-being is associated with higher levels of stress, low self-esteem, and less social interaction with friends and family. These factors also contribute to the higher occurrence of major disease and death rates.

The good state of your health is determined by your physical well-being, which can be described as the ability to function efficiently and in your best possible health. Research shows that physical well-being influences physiological, psychological, and behavioral processes. People who are in good physical health are generally in good mental and emotional well-being and are much less likely to develop serious illnesses or chronic diseases. A healthy body is also in tune with its environment, your genetics, and your behavior, and responds to changes well. If you want to stay fit and develop a quality, balanced life, do some research to find out what your specific needs are and follow a customized exercise and nutritional program designed to meet them.

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