The public’s hunger for credit is insatiable

The public’s hunger for credit has increased significantly: in the first ten months of the year, banks issued 37 percent more home loans than a year ago. Mortgage loans with a fixed repayment period The total value of more secure […]

Debtors may have to wait for help

Many municipalities have help and advice for people who have been indebted and need to organize their finances. Unfortunately, the waiting time for getting any help is far too long, which the Swedish Consumer Agency does not think is acceptable. […]

Credit cards are spinning – record high

Along with a 1% rise in credit cards, there was a 2% decline in credit cards. Touch cards continue to gain ground, with a 13 percent increase. Card traffic reached a record high of HUF 3,100 billion in the first […]

Get less credit for those who risk

There are stricter rules in the home mortgage market from October that help to further secure safe, fixed repayment plans and minimize risks. If, under the new rules, we borrow an average payment for a term of 20 years and fix […]